Physiatrists are specialists in diagnosing and treating problems of the musculoskeletal system. When a sports injury occurs, they perform thorough histories and physical examinations to find the source of pain and injury. They treat the whole patient and not just the symptoms. The physician then shares their medical knowledge to help the athlete understand their condition, providing the tools and resources to manage the injury. The physiatrist employs a variety of treatment methods to reduce or eliminate problems and prevent the possibility of recurrence.

Physiatrists direct your treatment team. If your treatment plan includes other health care professionals, such as those of a physical therapist or athletic trainer, your physiatrist supervises, collaborates with and coordinates these professionals. The result is an individually designed treatment program tailored for you!

Here is a listing of some of the conditions that physiatrists have extensive training in diagnosing and treating:

  • Running Injuries
  • Knee or Ankle Injuries
  • Shin Splints
  • Rotator Cuff Injuries
  • Tennis Elbow
  • "Stingers"
  • Hip Burners
  • Shoulder and Elbow
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Orthotic Prescription
  • Sport Physicals
  • Exercise Program/Clearance
  • Back & Neck Pain
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